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What’s more, the aftermath of the average accident has grown increasingly more expensive as well. Modern cars are packed with more high tech features than their predecessors, so it costs more to repair them. In the past, it was “just fixing a bumper,” Allstate spokesperson Adam Polack explained to the Charlotte Observer. “Now it has a backup camera in it. So cars are more expensive to fix. ” Traffic accidents tend to involve lawsuits and medical bills as well, and since legal fees and health care costs have been rising faster than inflation, they too are pushing auto insurance rates skyward.

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To really circle the wagons and close the coverage loop, some carriers will provide an endorsement on non owned auto policies that add the volunteer who drives his or her own car on the nonprofit’s business as an additional insured under the nonprofit’s non owned auto policy. This provides coverage in excess of the volunteer’s own policy limits. Some state laws limit volunteer liability when volunteers are providing services for tax exempt charitable organizations, however, exceptions abound. For instance, in many states while there may be protection for volunteers, the protection does not apply when volunteers are operating motor vehicles. In other states, the protection does not apply at all. For a summary of state liability laws relating to volunteer transportation programs, download our free mobile app, VolunteerProtect!, or read “Information for State Volunteer Driver Liability Laws” by the National Conference of State Legislatures.


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