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The bank or finance company will require you to carry full coverage. Do You Get Fined or Arrested after a Car Accident if You have No Insurance?Getting into a car accident with no insurance usually leads to a ticket and a fine. It will vary depending on the state you live in. In most cases, if you provide proof of insurance at your court date, the ticket will be dropped or the fine greatly reduced. This is assuming this is a first offense. If you have been caught driving without insurance more than once, the fine will be higher, and you will have to get a SR 22 from an insurance company proving you have insurance.

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Some individuals are high risk and are facing high rates or the possibility of not being covered at all. Others are excellent drivers whose circumstances make them eligible for many discounts. Whether your situation calls for no credit check car insurance or you are looking to buy online auto insurance, doing your homework and reading some auto insurance articles first will get you the best deal for your money. When state auto insurance laws are changed, auto insurance rates can be affected. Recently, the effects of changing auto insurance laws have been raising auto insurance prices. States such as Texas and Michigan have passed laws that increase the amount of liability coverage that drivers must have.