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This effect will vary by vehicle type: Cars with more autonomous features will see greater reductions than those without. It will also vary by region—more densely populated urban areas, where analysts expect autonomous vehicles to proliferate first, will see a greater relative decrease than rural areas. In the most extreme case, in which broad, large scale autonomous vehicle adoption is achieved, the bulk of human caused accidents—and their related claims—could be nearly eliminated. The rate and degree of change is expected to be uneven across geographies, with urban areas generally adopting new models of mobility more quickly than rural areas. Following the improved loss experience expected with autonomous vehicles, the amount of premium in urban areas will likely decline first, followed by suburban areas, and then rural areas figure 11. Regional insurers should assess the rate of change in their portfolio, while national insurers may choose to focus on building their brand and book in more densely populated geographies and determining whether geographic vehicle preferences could skew loss experience.


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Most insurance providers will be upfront about the amount of this coverage when any auto insurance quote is obtained. Even so, the policies surrounding windshield replacement can be murky. Typically, the car owner will be required to pay their deductible before the insurance provider will pay out for any damage. As this deductible is often $500 or more, and a replacement windshield is often only $350, insurance is not always the best choice. Companies do offer lower deductibles, sometimes as low as $100, but with a corresponding increase in monthly premiums. In that case, an insured person could pay only $100 to have a windshield repaired. Some states, such as Florida and Kentucky, have laws which prevent insurance companies from charging the deductible in windshield claims. This means that in those states, insurance would pay out for a windshield regardless of its cost, and no deductible would be required. Companies may offer a waived deductible for glass if the occurrence is ‘no fault’, such as a rock being thrown up from the road by a vehicle in front of the client, or if the windshield can be repaired for a smaller cost than replacement. Each insurance company will have different policies, so it is worth obtaining multiple auto insurance quotes to see who provides the best options, as glass repair and replacement are very common occurrences in the life of any vehicle. One common misconception about glass replacement is that using an insurance policy to cover it will mean an increase in rates.