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Is it a Corvette?Lamborghini?Maybe a Ferrari?Or perhaps you drive a Chevy Volt?Each car will impact the base cost of your monthly insurance mainly for the replacement value of the vehicle. In fact, some states and auto insurance companies will not cover certain vehicles. Also, high theft risk cars cost more to cover as well. Hummers, for example, are more costly than other SUVs and one of the determining aspects is the Hummer is stolen more often than other models. Either way, your premium may be higher due to one of those situations. Since you probably won't be going out and buying a new car just to lower your auto insurance, it's good to know what else can affect the costs of a new policy.

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This may sound tiresome, right?It’s true. Studying an insurance policy, especially with the fine prints and overlapping explanations may be boring, but you need to get familiar with it, maybe once in a while. Reading your policies is good for your financial health. The short time you need to study the policy may save you thousands of dollars. There is no doubt that the biggest discount on auto insurance is the one that you get by reading the policy. Moreover, reading your policy will make you sound like a pro among the mass majority of people who do not read their auto policies. Combine to what your people advised by collecting more information online, information concerning the strength and weaknesses of your possible insurance carrier. But the right strategy to get your quote information is to check specific auto insurance companies and work with an independent agent. In contrast with captive agents who deal with one insurer, independent agents legally represent many insurance companies, and, hence can give more premium options. This can be managed online, over the phone or, simply, in person. Make sure to allow them know you are shopping around and it might help them to give you the cheapest price possible.


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Online quotes for six month premiums were gathered from three of the top 10 auto insurance carriers as identified by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners in the 10 largest metro areas using sample addresses in neighboring ZIP codes. Addresses were found using Redfin. com. We surveyed using three hypothetical profiles: A 30 year old single man, a 30 year old single woman, and 45 year old married couple with two teens an 18 year old woman and 19 year old man. Lower and higher income residential area info came from the Pew Research Center. The insurance business is governed by thousands of pages of insurance laws, regulations and rules that were originally intended to protect consumers and regulate the conduct of insurance companies and their agents and brokers.