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Correspondingly, the frequency of both auto physical damage APD and driver liability claims will decline on a per mile basis as technology advances reduce human error figures 4 and 5. This effect will vary by vehicle type: Cars with more autonomous features will see greater reductions than those without. It will also vary by region—more densely populated urban areas, where analysts expect autonomous vehicles to proliferate first, will see a greater relative decrease than rural areas. In the most extreme case, in which broad, large scale autonomous vehicle adoption is achieved, the bulk of human caused accidents—and their related claims—could be nearly eliminated. The rate and degree of change is expected to be uneven across geographies, with urban areas generally adopting new models of mobility more quickly than rural areas. Following the improved loss experience expected with autonomous vehicles, the amount of premium in urban areas will likely decline first, followed by suburban areas, and then rural areas figure 11.

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Policies may also cover incidental charges, such as towing and rental car costs while a damaged vehicle is being repaired. Independent auto insurance agents who work as 'brokers' look at policies from several insurance companies to find the best deal for their clients; 'captive' agents only sell policies for one insurance carrier. Independent brokers usually work on commission, while staff agents are generally paid a salary. Common duties include contacting prospective customers, sometimes through cold calling, providing information on different policy types, tailoring policies to clients' coverage needs and financial status, maintaining records, renewing current policies, and assisting with claims. The BLS predicted a 9% job growth for all insurance sales agents between 2014 and 2024, which was faster than the national average for all occupations. Employment opportunities should be highest for independent auto insurance agents as insurance companies increasingly outsource their work to brokerages.


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They would not tell me how long we had to wait but said it would be some time. An hour and a half later I talked to another person who had been waiting for 3 1/2 hours. I asked At the desk if we would have to wait this long and only got a nod. I believe they didn't want us to leave because dad had very good ins. and they wanted the money. I got the impression the weren't allowed to tell us.